The Carb Sensitivity Program

- by Natasha Turner

While there is really nothing ground-breaking in its concept (we all know that those with insulin resistance, diabetes, and/or PCOS have a difficult time with carbs), I really appreciated the personalized approach it takes in assisting a person in finding out which carbs negatively affect them the most. Everyone's body is different, so a "one-size-fits-all" approach is undesirable and ineffective.

The author deals with carb sensitivity herself, so she is not unsympathetic to the readers' plights! Her program offers many simple recipes, menu examples, and relatively simple strength-training exercises. Be prepared to drink a lot of smoothies and protein shakes (whey isolate protein is recommended). Turner does seem to peddle her supplements a fair bit, but those are easily ignored; you can always use your supplement(s) of choice, so long as you're getting what your body requires.

This book mainly outlines a 6-week elimination program - not dissimilar to one of those "elimination diets" done to assess food allergies or sensitivities - in order to assist you in finding out which carbs you're the most sensitive to, affecting weight loss and overall health.