From Land & Sea: Nova Scotia Contemporary Landscape Artists

 -by Dee Appleby

As diverse and beautiful as the province itself!
From Land and Sea, a fascinating introduction to the rich and varied texture of Nova Scotia’s landscape art, masterfully exhibits 65 contemporary artists and their work.

This beautifully displayed overview offers a unique visual story told by its artists, with styles as varying and exquisite as the diverse province itself… a marriage of land and sea.

Combining a remarkable play of shadows and light, deep hues and subtle tones, the stunning paintings and photography endow the book with drama and visual excitement, as the images virtually leap from the page.

The art itself is the jumping-off point for concise and fascinating descriptions of the artists, their work and important themes involving the creation of their art. Anecdotal stories regarding personal interests and inspiration of the artists and how they work, vividly personalize the pages.

Truly a book to cherish in your collection!

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