Historic Queens County

- by Tom Sheppard

A beautiful portrait of a way of life

Sheppard's Historic Queens County is a well-written book brimming with history and photos about a charming coastal county in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

While various communities are touched upon in the book, at the heart of Queens County is Liverpool, the hub of the Maritimes in the 19th century, offering a rich ship-building and shipping industry. Reading about my hometown's history was intriguing. The chapter dealing with daily life in Queens County is especially enjoyable.

As a life-long Queens County resident, this book is a charming reminder of my roots. Readers are treated to stories of days gone by and the history behind people and places that make Queens County what it is today.

This is highly recommended reading for history buffs, especially those interested in Canada's rich past.


  1. I love reading historical facts of where I grew up. Most things you never find out about until you read it yourself. Makes you look at things in a different light! Thanks for a great review- your town sounds lovely.

  2. I'm like you John. It really adds a richness to where we live, doesn't it? But even if you don't live in Queens County, this is a fascinating read!