Code Name Verity

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This was a very unique book. At times, it was difficult to build a 'relationship' with the main character, due to the jumble of names and information presented in a disjointed style. It felt a bit too much like deciphering 'texting talk.' (Perhaps, because it is classified as a young-adult book? I'm not sure.) I also found it rather confusing when the main character wasn't overly clear regarding her identity, coupled with the often-times baffling stream-of-consciousness writing style and switch in narrators. All the pilot/flying talk was a bit dull and I'll be honest... I found myself skimming through a lot of it. However, the core premise of the plot was well put together and kept you reading. 

The story, of course, was heartbreaking but interestingly written, with a lot of heart. When it all comes down to it and you peel everything else away, this is basically a story about 2 bosom friends who would - and DO - anything for the other.

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