in the beginning...

Hello everyone, and welcome to my book review blog, a novel conundrum...get it? Novel? *chuckle*

Lately I received a myriad of great books from publishing companies, which I'm slated to review, and so there will be plenty of fodder for this review blog, in addition to my own personal selections.

To navigate pages, use the tabs at the top of the page. Reviews are categorized by rating and genre (fic/non-fic) and appear in the order they are reviewed, on the right sidebar. To see earlier reviews, visit the archives, where they are listed by month. There is also a chatbox in the sidebar on the right, if you wish to shoot the breeze.

Feel free to comment on any review and voice opinions. Feedback is always welcome. Everyone has books that they feel strongly about...and everyone has different feelings about them. These are just mine.


  1. Great setup here, Bev!
    Looking forward to more of your reviews. They're all excellent.

  2. Thanks Michael! :)
    It's definitely a lot more organized around here now.

  3. This is Wonderful! thanks so much ;) Oh I'm really bad at this but can I add this blog as a "feed" to my blog on LJ?

  4. You're very welcome. And not to be selfish but it's a lot easier for me too. hehe! I guess it's a win/win situation. ;)

    And yes, your most welcome to add it as an RSS feed.

  5. I likey, good basic format for us blurkers...

  6. Thank you bookbabie - so glad you like. :)