Les Miserables

Les Miserables
-by Victor Hugo
1463 pages (1862)

A timeless classic! 

The drama of Les Miserables unfolds in France during the French Revolution. It is a story that exudes both tragedy and hope…love and hate…and the belief that everyone can start over with a ‘clean slate’ if they have the courage and willpower to do so. 

At the outset we are introduced to the main character, Jean Valjean, an atoned convict who reverses his wrong course in life and eventually develops into the benevolent and gentle Mayor of Montreuil (a prosperous small town in France).

Inspector Javert, who served as Valjean’s prison guard decades ago in Paris, moves to the town of Vigo. Much to Valjean’s dismay, Javert eventually recognizes the Mayor as an ex-convict. From then on, Inspector Javert swears revenge against Valjean - seeking to expose him as an ex-convict and have him taken into custody. This is in keeping with Javert’s personal maxim: “once bad, always bad.”

After Valjean realizes Javert has recognized him, he goes into hiding after being entrusted with the care of a young orphan girl. Valjean and the little girl, who he raises as a daughter, restart a life of anonymity away from the bitter Javert (who will stop at nothing to recapture Valjean). 

Almost a decade later, the obsessed Javert again catches up with Valjean and the reader is brought along on the adventure to a poignant culmination. (Beware: The book’s ending varies entirely from Hollywood’s!)


  1. Isn't it odd that the musical adheres so closely to the book when several movie versions could not?

  2. No kidding! Odd that