Design Is In The Details: Living Spaces

Design Is In The Details: Living Spaces
- by Brad Mee

160 pages (2005)
Sterling Publishing Co., NY
hardcover with jacket

MY RATING: 4 / 5

Fresh innovative design

Living spaces are literally the heartbeat of our home – where we meet, entertain, and relax and unwind. It is where we spend the majority of our time, at home. Therefore, it is only natural that we aspire the design of these rooms to work along with, and complement, the purpose and function of these beloved areas of our dwellings.

In Design Is In The Details: Living Spaces, renowned HGTV interior designer Brad Mee offers unique and inspiring tips for decorating these “living spaces” with professional finesse. Whether it is a living room, a great room, an entertainment room, or a special space such as a library or drawing room — these living spaces are given new life with Mee’s innovative steps to attaining a beautiful and livable space. Spanning from the subtle to the bold, he demonstrates how attainable attractive designs can be, no matter what the budget, resources, or floor plan, and provides ample tips for making your designs easier.

It all starts with the crucial initial assessment. Mee encourages analyzing the potential of the space you have to work with. The next step is to then outline and identify any special eye-catching feature in the room that you would like to enhance and, on the other end of the spectrum, note problematic characteristics you wish to conceal in that space. After listing the said characteristics, it is then suggested to prioritize the room’s advantages and disadvantages. What do you have to work with? What ‘feeling’ or ambiance is desired for the finished product? Does the room require any special needs, layout wise?

While claiming to meld style with a hospitable family-oriented space, many readers may find the design layouts featured in the photographs do not lend an overly practical feel to them. Most room designs are targeted to those who lean more towards the contemporary-modern look, and perhaps those who prefer more traditional colonial designs may lose interest in his more modernistic approach. However, even the most traditional of decorators will be able to garner helpful ideas from Mee’s wealth of interior designing experience — especially when it comes to the unique techniques of making optimum use of space and shape, and how it relates to the interplay of lighting, color, texture, and fabric in the overall design.

Design Is In The Details: Living Spaces is a comprehensive guide containing innovative ideas and eye-catching design for an exclusive and multi-functional space for all to enjoy. Mee’s demonstrates how attaining a signature look is truly all in the details that make up a collective workable design.

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- reviewed for Sterling Publishing Co., NY

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