A Year In Provence / Toujour Provence (sequel)

A Year In Provence / Toujour Provence (sequel)
-by Peter Mayle
207 pages (1990), 241 pages (1991)

Surrender to the quintessence of Provence! 

These two novels, in respective order, chronicle Mayle’s real-life experiences following his family’s (wife and dogs) move from England to Provence. Their pages offer an entertaining and light-hearted narrative of everyday life -- the people, the climate, the landscapes, and mainly the acclaimed Provençal art of eating! -- from the perspective of a British “long-term tourist” (as Mayle puts it). 

The Provence series is usually located in the “Travel” section at most bookstores; yet the discriminating reader will happily discover that these are more novel than guide. Mayle’s storey-telling skills are top-notch and keep you reading until the book is done. This, coupled with his clever facetiousness, is a winning combination. 

Any avid fan of “dry British humour” will enjoy Mayle’s witty anecdotes as he puzzles over the sometimes eccentric antics of his Provençal neighbours. These two gems, A Year in Provence and Toujour Provence, are amongst the prized possessions in my bookshelf!

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