Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby 
-by Douglas Coupland
256 pages (2005)

look at all the lonely people…

"Death without the possibility of changing the world is the same as a life that never was."

Enter lonely Liz Dunn. Thirty-something, overweight, friendless, neglected by society, and under appreciated by her dysfunctional family and workmates. Struggling under the millstone of loneliness, Lizz is resigned to the idea that anything interesting will ever happen in to her. Often misunderstood, her extremely pragmatic outlook on life is often mistaken for as morbid and apocalyptic.

Little does Liz know that her life will change forever, after an unexpected phone call from a local hospital. Her name and contact number just happen to be on the medic-alert bracelet of a stranger, barely clinging to life in a hospital bed. 

Eleanor Rigby takes readers on a bizarre but stunning journey of self-awareness, explores the waking nightmare of loneliness, and ultimately bestows a sense of hope. Coupland cleverly maneuvers believable characters in-and-out of nearly unbelievable circumstances, all the while maintaining his hallmark – sharp, sardonic humour and wit. 

Amidst the pain-filled past and present of his characters, Coupland always allows a thin ray of light in through a trap door. 

Eleanor Rigby is a rewarding read -- classic Coupland!

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