The Anniversary

The Anniversary
-by Amy Gutman
342 pages  (2003) 

Three women. Three notes. One fear…

On the fifth anniversary of the trial and execution of infamous serial killer Steven Gage, three women separately involved in the Gasey case – Callie Thayer, Melanie White, and Diane Massey – each receive an ominous missive that they haven’t been forgotten. But almost as quickly as the women can digest the full meaning of the message, the threats leap from the printed page and into reality. Determined to no longer be a passive victim, Callie Thayer commences the battle of her life to expose the personified evil force responsible for so much terror and violence. Nothing prepares her for the entangling web of guilt, suspicion and untruths she will ultimately uncover. 

Talented author, Amy Gutman, weaves this gripping psychological courtroom thriller with stunning skill and white-knuckle suspense. Riveting, intense and most definitely addictive, I was feverishly impelled to finish The Anniversary in one sitting…and on the edge of my seat the entire time!

- reviewed for Time Warner books

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