The Song Of Daniel

The Song Of Daniel
- by Philip Lee Williams
302 pages (1989)

touching and heartfelt

After completing Williams' exuberant novel Jenny Dorset, I set out to read one of his earlier novels - a touching piece entitled The Song of Daniel.

The Song of Daniel was a very heartfelt and sincere story about a young man named Daniel Mitchell, living in a world of his own. It was a peaceful life - an escape from reality that he created for himself, after he had been exposed to unspeakable violence in his early childhood. This realm of Daniel's remains untouched, until he meets worldly and somewhat cynical Rebecca. As a result, they learn much from each other. 

In this masterpiece, Williams has conveyed Daniel's thoughts, vulnerabilities, and deepest fears with such an indescribable intricacy that puts us in his shoes. Finally Daniel deals with the uprising of his past in his own way. I really enjoyed this book.


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